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Members Profiles

SMA Doctors and Staff


Neurology Attendings Darryl C. De Vivo, MD
Director, Spinal Muscular Atrophy Center
Claudia Chiriboga, MD, MPH
Michio Hirano, MD
Matthew Harms, MD
Rehabilitation Medicine Nancy Strauss, MD & Physiatry Residents
Genetics Wendy Chung, MD, PhD
  Carrie Koval, MS
Clinical Study Coordinator and Genetic Counselor Kristin Engelstad, MS, CGC
Neuropsychology Veronica Hinton, PhD
  Danielle DiFillipo, MA
  Emily Lieffer, MA, MPH
Orthopedics Michael Vitale, MD
  Benjamin D. Roye, MD
David P. Roye, Jr., MD
Clinical Nutrition Dorcas Y. Koenigsberger, CPNP
Physical Therapy Jacqueline Montes, PT, EdD, NCS
  Rachel Salazar, PT, DPT
Occupational Therapist Donnielle Rome-Martin, OTR/L, ATR
Pulmonologist Andrei Constantinescu, MD, PhD
Nurse Practitioners Nicole Holuba LaMarca, MSN, CPNP, PMHS, DNP
  Danielle Romero, NP
Clinical Research Coordinators Kimberly Berry, BA
  Ameneh Onativia, CCRC
  Kayla Cornett, PhD
  Luz Sanabria, BA
  Jasim Uddin, BS
Research Assistant Erin Stackowitz, BS
Sr. Clinical Research Coordinator II Ameneh Masud, CCRC

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